CIPI, s.r.o. is also active in the segment glazed structures with aluminium frame profiles. These structures have always belonged to characteristic elements of a building. They create their appearance, function and were formed during long history. They reflect the nature of an era, culture, geographical location, fashion trends, and they significantly form the architectural design. Currently, we can offer glazed structures of windows, doors, skylights and glazed facades with a timeless interior and exterior design by system suppliers such as WICONA, ALIPLAST which meet the strictest criteria and norms.

The company’s portfolio includes:

Glazed facade structures

This product group includes all types of facade structures for both exterior and interior design. We supply facade structures including a full range of openable elements offering system solutions. As for aluminium glazed facades, we supply the types with cover strips, semi-structural and structural facades.

Windows and doors

In this product group, you will find windows and doors for exterior or interior design with a wide range of opening types offered by reputable system suppliers including sliding and folding systems.

Glazed skylight structures

We offer different types of skylight structures: saddle, desk, shed and atypical ones. We can offer our customers roof windows including smoke and heat extraction systems for these skylights.

Ventilated facades

„Ventilated facades“ are nowadays increasingly popular not only for aesthetic reasons but also for reasons relating to use. They enhance technical characteristics of buildings and their aesthetics, and their maintenance is simple and user-friendly. Today, we can see many interesting and architecturally unusual buildings around us. Modern design, natural materials, many colours, metallic look, and various shapes – all this is possible today. Even an anti-aesthetical building can be transformed into an architecturally interesting object. This construction system also makes it possible for even more complex facade shapes including rounded surfaces to be coated.


  • Coffered
  • Riveted
  • Bonded


  • HPL sheets
  • Ceramics
  • Metallic coatings
  • Glass coatings
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